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Our goal is to be a globally reputed organization by delivering best in class services to its clients that understand, analyze deliver and satisfy their business goals and objectives.

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Guided by core principles of Integrity, Ethics, Honesty, Transparency and Performance, we will constantly strive to achieve our vision. Our engagement with our clients will deliver synergies and exceptional brilliance to meet or exceed our commitments by understanding them, their challenges, and goals, along with providing the optimum working and learning environment to every stakeholder at ConsultMeIn.

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We are specialists in Fintech, SaaS, Gaming, Cloud and Telecom. We have been building on our capabilities over a period and are mastering Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) and Cloud Operations as well.

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ConsultMeIn is a premier consulting service provider offering an entire gamut of Human Resource services and solutions. Headquartered in Bangalore, India. ConsultMeIn came into being to focus on its core servicing business and to respond better to the opportunities and client needs by offering best in class service.

We provide a wide range of innovative Hiring solutions that help business leaders actualize untapped potential within the organization. We at ConsultMeIn are always on the hunt for attaining the highest customer satisfaction, with our value-added services to our esteemed clientele across business verticals.

Our customer-centric philosophy along with our dedicated team of highly skilled seasoned professionals enables us to provide distinctive services that are known for stringent quality and efficacy.

Every organization wants the best candidates for their vacant positions. But finding "that best candidate" is easier said than done. With so many sites and consultants offering you the “best and perfect fit” for the position, you often realize that you are just sifting through the chaff.

It's exceedingly difficult to predict the intangibles. The core task is to identify who will succeed there. Interviews usually focus too much on skill and not enough on personality and culture fit. The key is to identify those traits and not to compromise if people lack them.

The goal is to become an extension of the organization, taking care of the recruitment needs, rather than just being a source of supplying profiles.

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